The Corner Market


On your way to a dinner party or to visit a friend?  Pick up a gift  or an 1803 handmade candle.  

Whether you're coming to see us for a hot meal, a few grocery items or because the kids just want some penny candy, we're glad you're here. We pride ourselves on providing delicious food, a family friendly atmosphere and the kind of service you would expect from a classic general store.  Come on in and see us, we can't wait to meet you.

Grocery Items

Need to pick up some milk, butter, bread or cold cuts? Need to grab some pasta, sauce or salad dressing?  Enjoy big delicious cookie for a snack. We have it all, baked fresh and DELICIOUS!

Our Offerings

Penny Candy and Old Fashioned Toys

12 Concord St Holliston, MA

p. 774.233.1966   f. 774.233.1967

About the Corner Market

Beer & Wine

We carry a variety of beer and wine products including domestic and craft beer, and a wide selection of red and white wine and champagne. 

Whether for your kids, or the kid in you, fill a bag with classic penny candy or pick up a toy or two.  Remember silly putty, Hairy Harry, Slinky and Finger Eyes?  So do we, and they're waiting for you in our toy bins.